Fat Burning Foods - Chiles

Another simple way to lose weight is by including a variety of fat burning foods in your diet.  Some of the most effective fat burning foods are chile peppers.  These spicy vegetables can boost your metabolism by up to 25% by speeding up your heart rate.   This increase in metabolism and heart rate is due to the chemical, Capsaicin, found in both jalapeno and cayenne peppers.  When the Capsaicin is ingested, it causes the release of stress hormones that stimulate the metabolism, and the resulting energy being burned is manifested in weight loss.  The thermodynamic properties in Capsaicin can even reduce the level of cholesterol in the body. 

The majority of chiles are grown in Mexico and western Texas.  They are readily available in most supermarkets, and won’t put a dent in your budget.  Jalapenos become red when matured, but are usually eaten when they are green.  When grocery shopping, try to purchase of variety of different chile peppers to spice up your cooking.  Although associated with Mexican cuisine, chiles can be added to almost any dish, making it bolder and more flavorful.  Add chopped chiles to soups, casseroles, dips and salads, and see if your family doesn’t jump out of their seats and yell “Olé!” (The jumping part comes from that boost of energy they will feel as a result of this wonderful fat burning food!)

When preparing jalapenos, be wary of how you handle the vegetables.  The “heat” in this fat burning food is concentrated in the veins located inside the chiles.  If you touch the veins or the seeds, called “picante”, Spanish for hot, attached to them, you will feel the heat.  Then, if your hands come into contact with your eyes or mouth, you will experience a redness around the areas and an intense burning sensation.  The best remedy for this situation is to rinse your hands immediately with either milk or dish washing liquid and to avoid contact with other parts of your body.

Despite the “risks” involved, it is a wise decision to include fat burning foods like jalapenos or other chile peppers in your weight loss regime.  The consumption of these vegetables can lead to a major increase in the calories you burn each day.  And many chiles are, in fact, negative calorie foods.  Habanero and Scotch bonnet are the most popular chiles used in cooking, but
jalapeño and cayenne pepper included in your diet will help trigger weight loss if used regularly.

Chiles are just one example of an effective fat burning food.  Most of these foods are healthy alternatives to the over processed, fatty foods in which many Americans tend to overindulge.  By adding such foods as chiles, green leafy vegetables and lean protein to your diet, you will not only have a substantial increase in energy, but you will also finally be successful in shedding those extra ugly, unhealthy pounds.